7 Best Penny Stock Forums and Chatrooms

Forums are great places for traders to interact, become apart of a community and share ideas with like-minded investors. Always do your own due diligence before trading any stocks mentioned on message boards because they’re a hunting ground for penny stock promoters to lure in suckers. If you can filter out all the crap, they are useful.


Investors Hub is the most popular free stock message board with around 500,000 registered members, there are 100’s of discussion boards that discuss topics such as OTC stocks, short selling, technical analysis, buying breakouts, marijuana companies, and blue chips. They offer free basic charts, scans and a good list of the most active sub-forums, which helps you find which stocks are on the move. Be careful though, it possesses some people looking to dump worthless shares on suckers. 


My favorite and probably second most active forum after investors Hub. Includes free stock quotes, discussion boards for individual stocks, message posting from experienced traders and chat-rooms full of profitable traders. The features that most traders find useful is the free portfolio system that lists the users with the biggest trading gains overall and in the last 30 days. This gives you the chance to look at the top traders (theMagician, mamspoker, Lionmaster) portfolios, see what stocks they’re trading, look their past trades and study their exit and entry points. This alone offers massive insights into how profitable investors trade. This is where Paul Scolardi aka Super trades became infamous for his ability to find low-floats with big momentum before the crowd.


OTF combines a good forum and chat-room. The site has strong daily activity and a solid community around penny stocks in particular. It offers 3 free newsletters and different resources for any kind of investor. They hold weekly stock picking contests for shares under $2 that offers users the opportunity to make money by picking the highest percentage mover (long or short). They also track /analyze stock picks from the crazy Jim Cramer, share investing ideas and create videos lessons around subjects like how to trade IPO’s. OTF is well moderated by admin Thierry Martin but be aware of posters pumping stocks who obviously have hidden motives. 


Doesn’t have a forum but has a free chatroom. I’d avoid using their website mainly because it’s owned by a group of unethical promoters who in the past have pumped stocks aggressively using buzzwords like “this stock is going to the moon” and “XYZ is gonna be a six-bagger”. They produce some great content for newbies but just stay away from their alerts because they’re gonna crash and burn.


Silicon Investor was established back in 1995 making it one of the oldest forums, at its peak the website received 4 million hits per day during the Dotcom bubble and since then the site’s user base has declined significantly. Despite this, it’s still a great social network for investors to discover ideas in sectors such as technology, biotech, and gold/energy mining companies. Fun fact – SiliconInvestor.com was actually where infamous stock picking sensation “Toyko Joe” captivated a loyal following. His posting style largely attributed to the success of the website, although he was later fined by the SEC for not legally disclosing positions he held in stocks. Other prominent posters included investment fund managers, Michael Burry and Daniel S. Loeb.


Raging Bull is no longer a forum and instead now charges members for stock picking services from Jason Bond, Jeff Bishop, Jeff Williams, and Kyle Dennis. I no longer recommend ragingbull.com as back in 2011 it was bought by Blue Wave Advisors LLC, who have strong connections to promotion.


Formerly known as Hot Stock Market, they rebranded to Stockaholics a year ago. Originally started in 1998 and over the years developed a reputation as a great message board for those dedicated to small cap investing. Stockaholics daily activity right now is quite weak in comparison to competitors but they still provide useful stock market commentary and offer free educational tools to entice users. 

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