Top Penny Stock Traders to Follow on Twitter

Steven Dux

22 year old Steven Dux from Singapore, is Tim Sykes most recent successful challenge student. He has made almost a million dollars in just 13 months. Steven Dux is an extremely dedicated student, he invested heavily in his education early on and studied his ass off before setting up a brokerage account. Like Tim Grittani he’s very analytical, he claims to possess thousands of spreadsheets with gigabytes of data, tracking patterns that work the best in a certain time frame. Once he identifies high probability patterns, it’s a matter of waiting like a sniper until these setups meet his criteria, then he places the trade. Steven has discovered 3 main patterns that have over an 85% success rate! In the future he plans to release is own DVD but more than likely it will cost between $1k-$2k. You can follow him on Twitter @Steven1_994, where he shares his words of wisdom offering golden nuggets of advice to aspiring traders.

Michael Goode (Reaper Trades) 

Initially, Michael Goode was very skeptical when he came across Tim Sykes on the internet, back in 2008 he even posted a blog claiming Tim was full of bullshit. Once he began using Tim’s shorting strategy, he realized it was not a scam, Sykes was actually a legit trader. Michael went on to become Tim’s first millionaire student, profiting a couple $100,000 using Tim’s strategy and made a bunch of money leveraging other strategies. He runs a popular blog, it is an excellent source for the latest penny stock promotion news.

Bao Nguyen (Modern Rock)

Bao Nguyen, better know as Modern Rock is a day trader who made the large majority of his fortune trading OTC bulletin board stocks. Over the years he had to overcome adversity but now is one of the leading authorities in the penny stock trading community. Bao is infamous for his epic rants and bashing self-proclaimed gurus publicly. Rather than trying to make money selling a newsletter he gives back to the community, alerting his followers via Twitter @Modern_Rock, on his real-time trades and entertaining the masses with his commentary on the stock market. As a joke he even released his own DVD “How to Make Billions”, making fun of the aggressive marketing tactics used by “guru’s”.

Connor Bruggemann

Connor Bruggemann turned $10,000 into $320,000 trading high-risk penny shares. His unique story got picked up by and since then has attracted the attention of young wannabe traders on twitter hoping to learn how to trade like him. This gives Connor the opportunity to make a tonne of dough selling subscriptions on his site, for $149 a month or $12000 per annum. On his first big winner, he made $150,000 on AYCD, going all in after they announced a plan to buy back their shares on a conference call. Its share price went from 1/3 of a penny to 6 cents at its peak. AYCD is back currently trading at 0.036, close to the price where he bought it originally. Despite being so young, he is also a guru on

Nathan Michaud

Small cap day trading expert and one-time stock promoter Nate Michaud has been trading the market for the last 13 years and runs + He has over 46,000 followers on twitter with 89,000 tweets. Nate is rated as one of the top penny stock day traders with $2.30 million in verified profits on (as seen below). He released two DVD’s of his own – Textbook Trading and Tandem Trader, these are quite popular within the trading community and provide a solid framework for newbies to become profitable traders within 12 months


nate michaud sec

Tim Grittani (kroyrunner89)

Tim Grittani is another of Timothy Sykes challenge students, he turned $1,500 into $4 million in just five years. Along the way, he has had some big losses but doesn’t hide away from them like other traders. He lost $290,000 trading LAKE during the Ebola epidemic and posted the loss openly on Twitter. Due to his success day trading penny stocks, he launched his own DVD – Trading Tickers. His DVD course outlines his main strategy along with other patterns that have consistently made him money. The best thing about Tim is that he’s still a humble guy despite the vast amount of money he has accumulated.

Cameron Fous

According to his Twitter profile, Fous has banked $600,000 since 2011 using mainly 4 chart patterns. He was kicked off by Sykes for “hiding his trades and not being a transparent trader”. Seems like a cool guy, with the weirdest surname I have ever heard. His newsletter FOUS4 Trading focuses on finding the best breakouts on stocks under $5/share worth buying. His twitter feed has become very promotional and nowadays seems to be more of a marketer profiting from selling subscriptions rather than trading full-time. He has a clever marketing strategy, portraying this cool trader lifestyle of him making money on his laptop by a pool in some exotic location.

A photo posted by Cameron Fous (@fousalerts) on

Paul Scolari (SuperTrades) 

Don’t be put off by his strange obsession with Superman, this guy knows how to discover low-float stocks in hot sectors before anyone else. Superman’s strategy simplified – Low float + high RSI + momentum = big moves. Paul has a great track record of finding momentum before it happens and was chosen by Tim Sykes as a guru on His newsletter is all about teaching others to become self-sufficient instead of relying on him for stock tips. Paul at times can tweet quite aggressively about low-floats he owns a position in, so avoid buying any stocks he mentions on his feed. Random fact, he once appeared in a bud light commercial.

super trades


ClayTrader is the most followed member on (a popular stock market message board) out of 500,000 registered members. What I like about Clay is he’s just a normal dude, he’s not some hot-shot wall street trader or broker that wears a fancy suit to work. He earns a living as a day trader and selling products. Clay has an inner circle for $99 a year and sells courses on topics such as short selling, options trading and level 2. Technical analysis and charting are the foundation of his trading strategy.

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