Bulls on Wall Street Review – Is Kunal Desai a Fraud?

Bulls on Wall Street is a day trading education company set up by Kunal Desai in 2009, an experienced trader with an estimated net worth of $4 million. They currently sell online trading courses to young, naive wannabe traders, teaching them the fundamentals of day trading through multiple options such as chat rooms, webinars, online video lessons, and boot camps. Most likely you discovered Kunal through his marketing video below on Youtube that portrays this cool trader lifestyle of him driving a blue Porsche 911 and showing off his boat. His buddy Cameron Fous and Tim Sykes also employ similar marketing tactics to sell subscriptions and events.

In this article, I will show you exactly what I think about Bulls on Wall Street and give you an overview of the pros and cons of the program. You will learn about their products and whether or not they are just blatant scam artists looking to sell over-priced courses to suckers.

What Exactly Does BullsonWallStreet Offer?

The main program which BOWS promote heavily is the 60 Day Trader Bootcamp, it is a hands-on training course that shows you 15 different trade setups in live action. Kunal Desai hosts about 4 to 5 bootcamps annually and everything is done live. Nothing is pre-recorded.

60 Day Bootcamp Overview

This course is loaded with tons of material but is very pricey:

  • 28 Live Webinars
  • Q&A Sessions
  • Quzzies & Homework
  • Daily market recaps
  • A real-time trading simulator
  • Personalized Trade Plans
  • And Access to a personalized student community

Although there is some useful content, it is crazy expensive. That’s probably why the price isn’t listed on their website and you must inquire to find out the cost. It turns out it will set you back a whopping $3000, it’s definitely not worth that price tag, you can easily find a cheaper alternative to learn similar information. A good tip is to check eBay as past members often sell courses at a massive discount.

They back up this outrageous price by claiming you get the opportunity to watch a millionaire trade live and you could duplicate his success by following his exact strategies. They charge a hefty fee and it’s unlikely you’ll ever recover back the costs. They claim you should be able to learn enough to make back your investment with profitable trades.

If you really want to take a course, then I recommend the cheaper Intro to Trading Course for $149. You’ll cover all the basics of day trading for beginner & intermediate traders. This is a far better value than the main $3,000 bootcamp.

Bulls Vision: Live Day Trade Alerts

They also offer day trade alerts called Bulls Vision, which is more practical and for traders with no prior knowledge and experience. They send out daily “buy and short” alerts to help you make better decisions. They also provide a live chatroom so you can discuss your trades with other members.

In my opinion, I feel the day trade alerts are the most useful product. With so many educational programs out there, you don’t have to spend a fortune on the basics. The biggest problem starting off lies in a trader’s behavior: knowing when and what to trade.

BullonWallStreet solves a difficult problem for beginners at a relatively affordable price. You can sign up for a monthly plan for $139, avoid purchasing the annual plan for $749 because after a few months you will learn enough to think for yourself.

Swing Trade Alerts

They offer a newer program called Swing Trade Alerts for those who don’t want to sit at the computer all day. Swing traders hold a position for a few days so you only have to make 2 or 3 trades per week. This is a suitable alternative for the average person who have full-time jobs and can’t follow the market.

The program is taught by Paul Singh, an 18-year swing trading veteran who apparently generates 20% ROI monthly, although Paul hasn’t verified these claims or shown verified profits to back up these claims.

Things I Like About BullsonWallStreet

One of the biggest benefits to joining BOWS is getting hands-on live training from a stock market veteran who has a vast amount of experience. His students love his high energy and live teaching methods. You get to know Kunal and talk to him 1 v 1. This is very different from most educational companies that tend to neglect their customers once they’ve signed up and only offer basic support. Customer support is definitely the strongest USP.

New traders could benefit from his live trading alerts. Most people don’t have time to sit at the computer all day and search for setups. A lot of people would rather receive profitable trade ideas via email and live chat rather than doing the research themselves.

Things I Dislike 

Upon doing much research I came across TradingSchools review, he calls BullsonWallStreet a major scam and bashes his Hedge Fund/prop firm Clique Fund. The blogger makes some pretty bold claims, some of which I agree with but he doesn’t have proof of to back-up all of his accusations.

I’m not exactly sure how accurate they are, but it does make me wonder about Kunal’s company. He sells the dream of living a rich trader lifestyle, but does he actually back up his claims?

I’ve read lots of positive reviews about his service so this article is the only major blemish. It mainly speaks negatively about the 60 Day Trading Bootcamp, not the swing trade or day trade alerts.

Final Verdict: Sign Up Alerts, Skip the Course

In conclusion, I would recommend skipping the expensive $3,000 Bootcamp because there are too many skeptical claims and slightly negative reviews. Not to mention that $3,000 is a crazy amount of money for a day trading course. It could be claimed that most of the information could be found in books & through free videos on YouTube.

I do recommend signing up for his day & swing trading alerts because this helps you learn exactly how Kunal is thinking, plus gives you actionable stocks to trade. Focus on learning instead of how much profits you are making during the early stages and it’s best to start out with a paper trading account.

I hope Kunal addresses the highly negative article from TradingSchools to clarify the situation. At the end of day, Kunal is a good trader but he’s more of an entrepreneur who makes the majority of his net worth through selling training. This is why he and Tim Sykes attract so many haters online, they make millions per year teaching instead of trading. If you’re thinking about signing up, BOWS does offer a free trial so you can try it out for free before spending your hard earned cash.

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