Connor Bruggemann Review – Does his Strategy Work?

Connor Bruggemann, a young scrawny teenager from New Jersey, shot to fame when featured him in an article detailing his crazy penny stock success story. He turned $10,000 into well over $300,000 in the space of 18 months with extremely risky investments using an E-trade brokerage account. The crazy thing is he places his trades solely using his iPhone, sometimes during class which has gotten him into trouble. His parents had no idea their son was living a risky second life, day trading penny shares from his bedroom. His father was the one who got him involved in the stock market and invested in blue chip stocks that had a strong dividend yield. This quickly got boring for Bruggemann as he was making barely any money with his small portfolio. Connor became attracted to penny stocks after reading about how Timothy Sykes and Cameron Fous were making tens of thousands per month. The kid had balls, he took $10,000 saved up from a part-time job and ended up throwing it all into one stock.

His first major trade was ACYD, a company that manufactured industrial grade wireless equipment for city-wide wireless networks. He went all in buying millions of shares at 1/3 of a penny after listening to a conference call discussing plans for a potential share buyback program. Over the coming months their stock price rose significantly as Connor’s account size ballooned. By October of 2013 the stock price was at 6 cent, with an account worth $200,000, he didn’t sell immediately and when he eventually sold his position $94,000 remained. Despite missing out on massive gains, $10,000 to $94,000 is still insane. With nearly a six figure account he thought he had it all figured out, he got humbled by the market losing a further $30,000. In the process he realized something had to change and stopped trading for three months. In the coming weeks he began reviewing trades to discover his errors. He identified common mistakes he continually made and gradually started to refine his own strategy.

His Strategy

He created his own strategies that allowed him to consistently make money trading low priced volatile stocks. Over the next two years he accrued $150,000 – $200,000 through hundred’s of small profitable trades. All these small gains add up to an impressive figure overtime. His success is mainly attributed to luck accompanied with his hard work ethic. Connor’s strategy simplified revolves around three core aspects: cutting losses short, trading only low risk high reward setups and letting your winners ride. Following two or three chart patterns, he swing trades shares under $10. Patience plays a key role in his success, he waits to enter a stock on his watch-list like a sniper and exits for a small loss if the play doesn’t go as intended.

To leverage all of his media attention he setup, a community of experienced traders that apparently can teach others to replicate their success. His service is expensive, charging $147 per month or $1997 for the year. He took a page out of Tim Sykes book by monetizing his trading knowledge and selling educational material to newbie traders. This has grown into a six figure business before he has even graduated from high school.

Bruggemann agreed to join as a guru with his own newsletter “Connor Alerts“. Albeit his youth and lack of experience Sykes still wanted him to teach using his platform. Tim aggressively promoted him on his blog and jokingly remarked that he looked like “Channing Tatum with down syndrome”. According to his track record, overall profits of $415,000, 54.46% winning percentage out of 3342 trades with an average gain of $516. Subscribers to ConnorAlerts get a daily watch list, see all trades in real time, access to a fully moderated chat-room, 100’s of video lessons along with weekly Q&A’s. He already has a successful student from Brazil, Rafa who has surpassed $100,000. 

SchoolTrader DVD 

  • Five hour DVD,  ideal for people with busy lifestyles whether that be work or college.
  • Highlights and downfall of his stock market journey and lessons learned that have been featured on Fox Business, Bloomberg, BroBible and interviews on Youtube.
  • Basic terminology to understand what is happening in the chatroom and watchlist.
  • Position sizing
  • Risk Management, finding low risk and high reward setups.
  • His strategy discussed in depth with detailed examples.
  • Review of his best and worst trades.
  • Trading on an iPhone.
  • How to scan for setups.
  • How to create your own watchlist.
  • Best brokers.

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