Dekmar Trades Review – My Brutally Honest Opinion!

Sean Dekmar is the owner of, an investment website that teaches novices how to day trade penny stocks. Everyone knows the penny stock market is prone to manipulation and scammers looking to profit from naive millennials. Sean is another “guru” banking big bucks selling education to beginners but at an affordable price. His membership prices are reasonable, $59.99 per month is a lot cheaper in comparison to Tim Sykes and Investors Underground who charge premium prices. Dekmar Trades offers nothing unique, he sells access to live chat rooms, video lesson library, daily watchlists and custom scanners. Pretty much every stock market teacher online provides a live chat room, video lessons and weekly webinars etc.

Currently, Sean has 1,000 members, that’s one thousand people paying him $60 each month. $60,000 per month is nice passive income, it won’t be long until he’s making a million every year from subscription sales alone. In addition, he sells merchandise such as hats, snapbacks, and t-shirts to promote his brand and earn extra money. As I have mentioned before a dozen times on this blog, teaching beginners how to trade is very lucrative. Sean can make $3,000 to $10,000 trading providing he has a good month while he can earn $40,000 – $60,000 per month selling products. It takes some people a year to make that kind of money! At least Sean isn’t too greedy and trying to squeeze every last penny from customers. For December he gave away a free month to current subscribers which was quite generous of him.


Sean likes to trade stocks in the 0.25 cents to $25 range but mainly trades penny stocks as they are more predictable. His most successful strategy is buying low float breakouts based on press release news. He primarily focuses on trading psychology and technical analysis to gain an edge. Apparently, Dekmar claims to have a 73% win ratio which is excellent but I’ve seen no proof to back this up. Sean asserts the key to success is cutting losses short and letting your big gainers run. In theory, this sounds easy to follow but difficult to put into practice.


  • Ideal for beginners who can avoid joining expensive chat rooms that offer limited education and just pump penny stocks.
  • Free two-week trial to try out his service risk-free. Clearly, Dekmar is confident members will like his service and sign up for a monthly or annual membership.
  • His marketing isn’t obnoxious like douchebag traders such as Cameron Fous, who advertises this fantasy trader lifestyle. “Learn to trade penny stocks and make profits travelling around the world”.


  • Currently, there are no testimonials on the website that can be verified. A quote from someone named Thomas Mihalyo isn’t sufficient who knows if this person is even real.
  • There are not many reviews available probably because Dekmar’s affiliate program doesn’t offer big enough commissions to attract stock trading websites to post fake positive reviews to make money.
  • No brokerage account statements released to verify trades and could be cherry picking his best trades to post on Twitter to attract new members.
  • Dekmar heavily promotes Trades Ideas to earn extra affiliate commissions. It’s easy to trade without emotions if you have a second income to fall back on.
  • He is relatively inexperienced in comparison to the top penny stock traders. I don’t think Sean has even made more than $100,000 trading.

Complaint from a former subscriber

negative review of Dekmar Trades

Example of Watchlist he emails out to members on a daily basis.

“Happy Hump Day, today kicks off a brand new trading day and as always I am very excited to see what it brings. Right now we are back into a November like market of low float runners. This means focus highly on the low float stocks with zero to only a small gap up as these are the stocks that can bring in the big profit. 90% of stocks that we have seen have gap ups this week have not been able to hold its gains, $PTI was one of the only ones. What am I doing at the bell? I am watching the HOD momentum scanner, sitting back, and seeing what low float stocks appear that could lead to easy profits!

DekmarTrades Morning Watch List:
$AMD (Baidu Deploys AMD EPYC Single Socket Platforms to Power its ‘ABC’ Datacenters)
$BOSC (B.O.S.’ Supply Chain Division enters into a Distribution Agreement with Hangzhou Hikvision Technology)
$CAPR (Capricor Therapeutics Announces Issuance of Key U.S. Patent on Exosome Technology)
$CHFS (CHF Solutions Signs International Distribution and Services Agreement with Singapore-based TRANSMEDIC Pte Ltd.)
$DPW (Digital Power Corporation Creates Cryptocurrency Mining Division)
$FNSR (Apple to invest $390 million in Finisar to ramp up chip production)
$MNGA (MagneGas Expands European Consulting Contract by 50% to $750,000)
$RSLS (ReShape Lifesciences Announces Stocking Order from Medical Supplier in Dubai)

Chart Setup:
Low Floats: 
3 Stars High Potential for a Breakout Tomorrow
$BURG*** $2.82 Break
$RBCN*** $8.50
$NSYS*** $4.25
$DFFN*** $1.50
$FTK*** $5

2 Stars Decent Potential for a Breakout:
$ELTK** $4.50 Break
$TSRI** $6.00
$FFHL** $2.82
$TCCO** $6.50
$IMRN** $5.50
$LBIX** $1.75
$QBAK** $7.50
$KEG** $11

Open: $5.75
Buy Alert: $6.00
Sell Alert: $6.30
High of the Day: $7.12
1/2 on All Alerts Yesterday!

Picks Of The Day!:
Stocks To Watch:
Chart Setup:

Low Floats:
3 Stars High Potential for a Breakout Tomorrow:
$BURG*** $2.82 Break
$RBCN*** $8.50
$NSYS*** $4.25
$DFFN*** $1.50
$FTK*** $5

2 Stars Decent Potential for a Breakout:
$ELTK** $4.50 Break.
$TSRI** $6.00
$FFHL** $2.82
$TCCO** $6.50
$IMRN** $5.50
$LBIX** $1.75
$QBAK** $7.50
$KEG** $11

OTC Stocks To Watch:

Symbol Company Name Volume Price High Low Open Change
BTSC Bitcoin Services Inc 64,251,029 0.389 0.429 0.3385 0.3386 0.075 / 23.69%
BTCS BTCS Inc 60,425,351 0.1419 0.165 0.1375 0.145 0.006 / 4.57%
HEMP Hemp Inc 59,810,660 0.0243 0.026 0.0235 0.0237 0.001 / 4.74%
ANDD ANR Inc Contingent Rev Pmt 37,830,620 0.0101 0.0134 0.01 0.0101 0
GOHE Global Payout Inc 24,832,183 0.1052 0.13 0.095 0.1005 0.018 / 20.64%
GAHC Global Arena Holding Inc 24,391,846 0.0264 0.028 0.022 0.0275 0.001 / 3.94%
TRTC Terra Tech Corp 21,224,979 0.274 0.299 0.261 0.2848 -0.004 /-1.44%
NXGH Next Group Holdings Inc 18,494,502 0.05 0.079 0.0312 0.078 -0.015 /-23.08%
SWRM AppSwarm Inc 16,708,681 0.0858 0.0979 0.062 0.066 0.025 / 41.82%
CBIS Cannabis Science Inc 16,704,456 0.0502 0.055 0.0482 0.0511 0

Stocks Being Promoted: Pump and Dumps

Top 10 Hottest Stocks:

Symbol Company Name Volume Price High Low Open Change
DXTR Dextera Surgical Inc. 16,658,719 0.089 0.099 0.081 0.0903 -0.048 /-35.04%
DCTH Delcath Sys Inc – Ordinary Shares 11,354,358 0.058 0.0672 0.0461 0.052 0.005 / 9.43%
RPRX Repros Therapeutics Inc. 10,870,915 0.6648 0.68 0.66 0.66 0.195 / 41.45%
ZNGA Zynga Inc. 10,866,767 3.98 4.045 3.9 3.92 0.050 / 1.27%
TOPS TOP Ships Inc. 9,627,791 0.3595 0.37 0.3501 0.369 -0.028 /-7.11%
GLBR Global Brokerage Inc. 8,171,009 0.71 0.87 0.41 0.5175 0.190 / 36.54%
SGYP Synergy Pharmaceuticals Inc. 7,618,283 1.91 1.97 1.85 1.94 0.030 / 1.60%
INPX Inpixon 5,356,519 0.34 0.378 0.3385 0.36 -0.075 /-18.09%
NVAX Novavax Inc. 4,610,485 1.31 1.4 1.31 1.39 -0.070 /-5.07%
ODP Office Depot Inc. 4,469,415 3.28 3.42 3.26 3.41 -0.100 /-2.96%

Final Thoughts

It’s difficult to tell if Dekmar Trades is a legit trader so I’ve signed up for the free trial to test out his chat room. Personally, I would rather learn from someone who has more experience and verified profits.


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