Fous4 Trading Review – Is Cameron Fous a Fraud?

Cameron Fous is a 35-year-old, stock trader and founder of the Fous4 trading system. He initially got interested in penny stocks while majoring in finance at Oregon State University. In 2005 Fous made the brave decision to drop out of college and transition into trading full-time. In 2006 he launched, a free stock alert service, and blog that attempted to teach people how to day trade small cap stocks. After a year of offering free alerts to members, Cameron decided it was time to charge for his service, how else was he going to pay off his student loans? In his first month selling stock picks to suckers, he banked an astounding $30,000. Just like Jason Bond, he realized early on it’s incredibly lucrative to make selling products vs. trading full-time. Why bother making only $5,000 per month when you can earn nearly ten times that as a “day trading mentor.”

It’s more accurate to call him an entrepreneur instead of a trader because teaching is how he has accumulated about 70% of his wealth. After nearly a decade of selling DVD’s and online courses, I’d estimate his net worth in 2019 to be $2 million. After allegedly profiting $400,000 in two years, Tim Sykes persuaded him to join as a “guru.” Timothy Sykes heavily promoted him on his blog as the master of buying breakouts. Their business relationship quickly turned sour and left to take back full control of his business. More than likely he wasn’t happy giving Sykes 20-30% of his sales. Once he left the platform, Sykes was pissed! He promoted Fous to his subscribers and helped build his brand. There were rumors Tim kicked him off for hiding trades and basically coping his website. Since then they have ‘buried the hatchet’ and moved on.


The Fous4 strategy mainly involves technical analysis with a strong focus on reading chart patterns. Cameron looks for ideal setups and waits patiently for all the parameters to align before placing a trade. With the help of stock screeners, Cameron can filter through thousands of stocks to find penny stocks that meet his criteria. FousAlerts has two training courses to teach you his complete strategies from A-Z. The first course “Fous4”, teaches his core swing trading strategies with limited day trading. He follows four breakout chart patterns he named as; force, revival, survival and gold. In addition, he teaches the fundamentals of risk management, trading psychology accompanied with trade examples. Fous4x2 supposedly covers more advanced strategies for day traders and short sellers. His DVDs are great for beginners to learn the basics of risk management, candlestick analysis, and market psychology. 

DVD Lessons

Surprisingly Cameron is still a profitable trader despite a win ratio only being 52%. He obviously posses strong risk management skills and his winning percentage is well below the top small cap traders. Cutting your losses short and letting your winners run is the key to success with day trading. Retail traders struggle with discipline, holding onto losing positions or taking profits too early. Newbie’s find it difficult to accept losing is part of the game. Over the past year, Cameron has added shorting to his game as well.


  • The chatroom has experienced moderators such as Robert Millar and Michael Spinosa. In the chat room, Fous alerts his trades live to members so they can follow in real-time. 
  • Elite members allowed to watch him trade live on FousTV.
  • Great for beginners to learn the foundations of stock trading. 
  • Seems like a cool guy with a great personality, so it makes it easier to learn. So many financial educators are boring and have zero personality. 
  • Massive video lesson library containing hundreds of videos and hosts weekly webinars.
  • Frequently offers discounts and free trials to new customers to try out his service. 
  • His alerts aren’t biased, doesn’t scalp subscribers and has no connection with stock promoters.
  • This guy is clearly winning at life, check out his Instagram account. If that doesn’t inspire you to work harder, nothing will! Maybe you too can make millions teaching others and party on a rented yacht with models. 

fous4trading Instagram account


  • His online marketing strategy is obnoxious but clever. He advertises this fantasy digital nomad lifestyle that everyone wants. The average guy is working the 9 to 5 grind while he’s traveling the world making $5,000 sitting by the pool. No doubt is travel vlogging has helped build his brand and attract new customers. 
  • Appears to be more of a salesman rather than a trader nowadays. He’s more interested in selling subscriptions to fund his lavish lifestyle. He even hires photographers to take pictures of him and girlfriend Sandra to post on Instagram.
  • His marketing copy is misleading and too aggressive. “See how you can make up to $10,000 in one day following my strategy.” Members join with unrealistic expectations. They expect to make thousands by just copying his alerts. Once they sign up, they realize it’s not as easy advertised. 
  • Some of the reviews on Investimonials appear to be fake. This is a common tactic employed by newsletter owners. All the so-called guru’s Jason Bond, Investors Live, Ross Cameron and Kavan Klein, etc. If you look at their reviews, a lot of them are overly positive. It would be easy to create dozens of fake accounts with different IP’s and write five-star reviews to gain more attention. Also, some guru’s give away freebies to entice members to give positive reviews. 
  • Since leaving he has discontinued supporting their website and trade verification system. There is no evidence to prove he’s even a profitable trader as he didn’t verify his trades. 


Cameron Fous is a talented social media marketer that is earning a fortune selling products online. While it’s harsh to call him a scam, he does help beginners gain a good understanding of the fundamentals. He needs to become more transparent and verify his trading performance to enhance his credibility. Nothing he teaches is revolutionary and most of the information can be found for free on the internet. Both of his DVDs are quite pricey costing $497 each. They can be purchased on eBay for one-fifth of the price.

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