Fxlifestyle Review – Another Forex Scammer!

Fxlifestyle is a Forex education company that sells courses and trading signals to beginner traders. The whole business is run by 22-year-old con artist Samir Mohammad, a young trader that claims he turned $150 in $100,000 in ten months and now he wants to “teach” others how to do the same! Not surprisingly, he has zero proof to backup his outlandish claims. The only profits this guy makes in the market is from demo accounts!

Social Media

Take a look through his cringe worthy social media accounts, advertising this false millionaire lifestyle. Initially, I thought he was trolling everyone as a joke but he’s actually being serious. Taking pictures with stacks of cash, rented sports cars, fake Rolex watches, sipping champagne or staying in a luxury hotel suite. I find it hilarious how terrible his marketing is, tries to make himself look like a baller but comes off looking like an idiot. He seems to have a weird obsession with taking photo’s pretending to talk on the phone and must spend a small fortune on renting cars for photo shoots. It’s highly unlikely this 22-year-old could afford a second hand Ford Focus never mind a £500,000 gold Bentley.

The photo below of an old clipped passport, sparkling water and fake stacks of money made he laugh. Nothing says luxury like a £1 bottle of S. Pellegrino.

fxlifestyle fraud

You can tell from the way he talks, Samir isn’t the brightest bulb in the box. He only uploads photo’s that show off his fake wealth and never uploads content discussing his secret FX strategy. I doubt he even has enough knowledge to record a basic video, analyzing a currency pair. This kid makes Hither Mann look like a genius in comparison. For those less informed, Hither Mann is another “guru” in UK selling high-priced courses to suckers despite possessing limited knowledge of financial markets.

Fake Testimonials

Despite claiming to have 1,000 students, I couldn’t find one positive review that looks legitimate. On Trustpilot, it appears every five-star review was written by Samir or a friend. That website can be easily gamed, anyone can create dozens of accounts on Trustpilot to leave false testimonials for their own products. The problem is there are a lot of gullible people that will try anything to improve their financial situation. They think by spending a few hundred dollars they could receive the same success. Once these people sign up, they quickly realise they’ve been conned.

How He Makes Money

Believe it or not, ripping off gullible people online can be a lucrative business. I would guess, Samir makes the majority of his income from selling courses and signals. His ‘Millionaire Forex Course’ retails for a one-time payment of $129.99 which is quite expensive considering in reality it’s worth no more than $5. This fraud also sells Forex signals, charging a monthly fee of $39.99 with discounts given if you sign up to a long-term plan.

On the sales page its says customers make on average $200 plus per day, which is total bullshit. Three to four daily signals are sent via Telegram (free messaging app) which allegedly have a 85%+ win ratio each week. I wouldn’t let my worst enemy to sign up for his alerts! In addition to educational products, he also makes money as an affiliate, recommending people to sign up for brokers that pay him hefty commissions in return.

To be fair, Samir isn’t the only charlatan on the internet claiming to be a successful trader. There are dozens of charlatans such as Robert Mfune and Elijah Oyefeso that are equally as bad as Fxlifestyle. Remember, real traders don’t spend their free time taking photos with materialistic items to sell products, they’re too busy trading.

Ending Thoughts

The whole financial industry in the UK is a full of scammers looking to take advantage of poor naive people. My advice for Fxlifestyle is to release a full verified track record to backup his outrageous statements or close down his online business. It’s only a matter of time before the FTC gets involved and shuts it down for him.

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