Hither Mann Review – Don’t Waste Your Money!

Hither Mann is a young attractive lady using her appearance and charisma to sell expensive trading courses to suckers. Hither claims she can help you become a profitable trader despite having no track record! In a video on her Youtube channel, she claims she once banked £9000 in two hours, trading Forex. Making ludicrous claims with zero proof to back it up. She will never show her trading history because she has none. The sad part is some gullible people will believe her lies and drop £5,000 on her courses. You would be better off flushing that money down the toilet, she get’s richer while everyone else gets poorer. According to an interview with realbusiness.co.uk, she has a net worth of £200 million, that can’t be accurate. £2-4 million would be more realistic.

Hither mann fortune academy

The Forex industry is full of scam artists, just looking take your money. They teach basic strategies and use unethical sales techniques to force you to cough up your money. Hither Mann is no different (if that’s her real name). She has a lifestyle everyone dreams of, living in a mansion and driving exotic sports cars. All of this funded not through trading but selling over-priced products to naive people. Hither allegedly built a multi-million-pound property portfolio by the time she was 25. She made her fortune purchasing properties that were going through bankruptcy and repossessions, later selling them for a tidy profit. In 2009 she got started with financial trading. According to her website, she leveraged her property portfolio to learn how to trade from top traders in London. Sounds like bullshit to me! Maybe Anton Kreil gave her some lessons lol.

Fortune Academy, her educational business is booming right now. To attract new customers, she holds monthly seminars throughout London and the UK. These are mainly free to attend but charges extra if you want to sit in the front row. The sole purpose of these workshops is up-sell people to high-priced courses. Throughout the seminar, Hither will use several sales techniques without the crowd noticing. One prime example is creating a false sense of urgency to make people take action. If you don’t sign up now, you could miss out on a great deal. She also likes to tells stories and sell this dream of achieving financial freedom The prices range from £3000 to £5000 per course. All of these courses have fancy sounding names but will fail to meet your expectations.

For the low price of £4497 plus VAT, you can purchase all three of the products below.

Pinnacle Pro Trader 

  • Forex trading course that provides three days of training and a mentorship program to support students afterward.
  • Teaches very basic techniques: Snapback, double up and rolling risk strategy along with position sizing. Simple Forex strategies that can be found on the internet for free.
  • Lucky students also gain access to the Facebook mastermind group.
  • Top performing students get to trade with capital from her hedge fund. Although I’ve found no record of her hedge fund even existing.

Prime Property Profit 

  • Property investment workshop where you can learn how she “accumulated” her massive net worth.
  • Three training sessions with mentorship from Damian Slominski and Shane Watson, both former students. Don’t understand why people in the UK are so obsessed with property.

Peak Performance 

  • One-to-one coaching business where Hither regurgitates information she has learned from top self-help gurus.
  • Her husband, George Butler, is a leader in peak performance, shares his wisdom on health and fitness.

Negative Reviews

Surprisingly I haven’t come across many negative reviews online apart from a post on Medium.com, an angry customer who paid nearly £12,000 for Forex training from when Hither Mann was apart of Wealth Dragons. If I wasted a couple of thousand on this crap, I would be fuming! Check out the video below, listening to her talk about trading is comical. During the video, she kindly recommends a fx broker to earn a big fat commission.

In conclusion

Its clear from listening to Hither speak, she understands very little about fx. The facts she sells programs for £5,000 is crazy; they’re not even worth £50. The Forex market needs regulation, it’s only a matter of time before someone reports her to the FCA. At least she isn’t teaching anything about Binary Options or cryptocurrency.


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