Ricky Gutierrez Review – Is Learn Plan Profit Worth the Money?

Ricky Gutierrez is a 22-year-old online entrepreneur and CEO of Techbud Solutions. I first came across Ricky on YouTube from the recommended videos list. The title had a clickbait headline – “How I made $200,000 by the age of 21” and an eye-catching thumbnail. After watching that video, I learned that not all of the $200,000 was earned from day trading stocks. He made the money through various entrepreneurial ventures and real estate, buying his first property at 20!

He seems like an honest, likeable guy and understands a lot about investing for someone who’s only 22 years old. His latest course, Learn Plan Profit is perfect for beginners interested in learning the basics of stock trading within an interactive community. In addition to following Ricky, Steven Dux is another trader worth watching, Dux has over $1 million in verified profits.

YouTube Channel

Over the last year, in particular, his YouTube channel has grown in popularity and has built a large following. He teaches newbies the basics and fundamentals of trading penny stocks along with some real estate investing advice. His channel appeals mostly to young millennials, new to the stock market. Gutierrez uploads free helpful lessons teaching others how to build watch-lists, read stock charts and answers questions related to penny stocks. Ricky is currently mentoring his younger sister, taking someone with zero knowledge of the stock market, giving her a simple framework to follow and teaching strategies to grow her Robinhood account. It’s funny how he avoids revealing her name to avoid creepy guys stalking her!

Techbud Solutions

During his videos, he continually advertises his Facebook group, Techbud Solutions. It’s a group of like-minded individual who share ideas and learn together. Techbud Solutions has attracted a staggering 90,000 members, that’s an impressive feat! The Facebook group isn’t very active, but the discord groups are busy. There are separate groups for different financial assets such as cryptocurrency, stocks and real estate. While the groups are free to join, Ricky does have a premium course on the Teachable platform for people looking to taking their education to the next level.

Learn Plan Profit

After years of producing free content, Ricky finally decided to monetize to his video lessons. Learn Plan Profit provides a solid framework for beginners traders to learn the basic of stock trading.

The course covers:

  • Strategies to find hot stocks worth trading.
  • Risk management and technical analysis.
  • Best indicators and chart patterns to follow.
  • Mindset lessons with a strong focus consistency and personal growth.
  • How to scan for swing trades and top the six golden rules which indicate the best time to buy.
  • How to trade ETFs – talks about building watch-lists, chart patterns and futures.
  • Quizzes to help members learn and retention information.
  • Bonus content offers advice on real estate investing and reselling exotic cars for hefty profits.

Some people think if they sign up they’ll be driving around in a Lamborghini within six months. To get to Ricky’s level, it will take years of dedication to learning. Ricky’s success didn’t happen overnight, he revealed before in an interview he traded penny stocks for five years without making money.

Is He a Scam?

My initial review of Ricky was negative mainly because I’m a sceptical person. I saw this young guy driving around in a McLaren, talking about real estate / day trading and immediately thought scam artist! Selling trading programs is a lucrative niche, day traders such as Jason Bond and Cameron Fous make millions every year through selling education to newbies. Low-priced stocks are prone to manipulation so I presumed Ricky’s plan was to build up a large following to sell alerts or pump worthless penny stocks.

Ricky is a savvy online marketer and understands how to build an audience leveraging the power of YouTube. His channel has 137,000 followers approximately and videos have attracted millions of views. He creates eye-catching thumbnails, with a headline to attract views – “how to make $100 a day in the stock market.” Recently he uploaded a video where he picked up a random stranger in his McLaren supercar. The video is a clever viral marketing tactic to advertise his service and appeal to a wider audience outside of his normal viewers. More than likely this video will receive well over 100,000 views.

Although I dislike the way he drives around in supercars, advertising this cool lifestyle, the videos serve as motivation for his students. Too many people within the finance industry are so formal and boring, learning about technical analysis isn’t fun. Ricky is an exception, he likes to create videos to make trading more entertaining. Listening to some online educators talk about resistance and support levels in a dull, monotone voice turns beginners away from the industry.


There are hundreds of people online selling day trading courses purely to make money off young naive millennials and I hate seeing people getting scammed. I think Ricky is a great teacher for new traders without any experience. In my opinion, charging $300 is too expensive for the average person. It would be more reasonable to charge a smaller fee of $150 or offer membership for $50 per month.


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