Tim Grittani’s Story: How he’s Made $6 Million Trading Penny Stocks!

Tim Grittani is a day trading superstar infamous for turning $1,500 into $6 million within eight years. Tim only began trading penny stocks in 2010 after discovering Timothy Sykes while searching for information about trading online. At the time, Grittani was studying finance and was keen to use his degree after graduation. He spent the following months studying Sykes’ strategies hoping to learn from his success. 

Despite a rocky start, the modest twenty-seven-year-old went on to become Tim Sykes’ second millionaire challenge student, hitting the million dollar mark at the end of January 2014. Fast forward to 2018 and Grittani is now regarded as one of the best penny stock traders. Despite the vast amounts of money he’s made, he remains a cool, humble guy. It’s estimated Tim Grittani has a net worth of $6 million in 2018. Most of this fortune came from day trading and about 10% has come from selling online courses such as Trading Tickers. 

Humble Beginnings

Tim was a finance major at Marquette University and was drawn to stocks from his background in sports betting and online poker. He opened up a $500 account with Sharebuilder but lost 50% within two weeks because he wasn’t cutting losses quickly. After this, he took some time off and wanted to get a better trading education before risking any more money. In February 2011 he found Timothy Sykes and Investors Underground, this gave more structure and guidance to his trading style.

Grittani followed Sykes for three months and joined PennyStocking Silver. While still in college he studied video lessons and participated in the chat room from time-to-time. Once he regained his confidence back, he started trading again in May 2011 with $3,000 in a ThinkorSwim brokerage account. To help overcome the pattern day trader rule, he borrowed $11,000 from his parents and opened multiple trading accounts. Back then the PDT rule was a significant obstacle to get around and didn’t have suitable brokers early on, so he was unable to get the best borrows. He also used Suretrader but no longer recommends and now mainly uses CenterPoint Securities, a broker for net worth individuals. 

Early Struggles

By August of 2011, Tim Grittani was day trading penny stocks full time. Despite all the video lessons and advice from guru’s like Michael Goode and Nate Michaud, he was at $3,500 by October. He foolishly tried following Tim Sykes’ alerts. Like so many of Tim Sykes’ students, he thought copying his trades was a good idea. Grittani wasn’t able to match his entries or exits on the alerts because penny stocks are too volatile and hundreds of other students were copying trades. He soon realized this wasn’t working and had to begin thinking for himself. SOLUTION: learn from Sykes’ alerts instead of blindly following picks. He would review Tim’s video lessons later that day to understand his reasoning behind trades, why he bought and sold at a certain price. Let’s not forget Investors Underground also served as a huge inspiration, helping develop his trading style along the way. 


After losing thousands in the beginning, he soon realized it was time to develop a strategy to make consistent profits. Grittani made his first million focusing on momentum OTC stocks & pump and dumps. He made easy money short selling over-hyped stocks pumped by scumbag stock promoters. Tim doesn’t care about the fundamentals of companies or what the press releases say because hype is meaningless. He trades stocks purely from the technical side, using basic support and resistance to follow the price action. In addition, level 2 and charts are used to time trades to increase the likelihood of profits. It’s well-known Tim is very analytical and doesn’t place trades based on instinct. He has thousands of excel spreadsheets, tracking setups and chart patterns to gain a statistical edge. For example afternoon breakouts is a pattern he loves to trade. To find suitable setups Grittani will track specific criteria, for afternoon breakouts he will look at stocks up at least 10%, trading above average volume, breaking out after 2:30 pm and no upcoming major resistance levels ahead.

Despite early losses, Tim Grittani recovered and built an impressive track record on Profit.ly. Due to his success in the millionaire challenge program, Tim Sykes heavily promotes him to prove that day trading penny stocks can be a lucrative way to make consistent profits. CNN Money and Fox News even featured him in an article detailing his journey from beginner to penny stock millionaire. This sparked a wave of attention on social media, with thousands of young wannabe traders wanting to learn how he achieved this milestone.  With all the attention Tim Grittani received from the media coverage, he decided to release an educational DVD to share his knowledge on day trading. 

Trading Tickers

Trading Tickers was released in 2015, perfect for rookie traders starting off with zero stock market experience. The first four chapters cover preparation and the last eight chapters detail the exact strategies that helped him make millions. The course is quite dense with 16 hours worth of content showing you how to perform technical analysis, build watchlists and how to prepare for the market every day. Each chapter covers the different setups he follows to make consistent trading profits. These include – buying and selling OTC promotions, buying breakouts, swing trading and shorting overextended chart patterns. More importantly, he shows 35 live trading examples applying these strategies in real-time and the reasoning behind each trade. Since the DVD is now three years, some of the content has become irrelevant, however, it’s still worth watching. Steven Dux cites Trading Tickers as an excellent starting point having viewed the DVD multiple times. 

It’s unlikely you’ll come close to achieving this level of success but he will give you every possible advantage possible, but it’s up to you to put that knowledge to work. It took seven months to create the DVD course, detailing every facet of his strategy. Basically revealing everything he wishes he knew before starting. This gives you the chance to learn from his mistakes and drastically speed up your learning curve. Trading Tickers is currently one of the highest rated products on Investimonials so it’s not a scam and you can use the discount code NEXT100 to save $800. Trading Tickers is also available to purchase on eBay for a fraction of the price and some people illegally download the course from file sharing websites.  

Make sure to check out his blog at tradetheticker.blogspot.com for free watchlists, spreadsheets, and video lessons.

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