Tony Ivanov Review – Is he a Legit Penny Stock Trader?

Tony Ivanov is an online entrepreneur and day trader from Sacramento, California. Like everyone else, I first discovered him on YouTube, an intelligent kid who looks about 16 but is actually 21 years old. He uploads videos “educating” people on how to make money trading penny stocks and cryptocurrencies. His target market is mainly young inexperienced millennials, looking to gamble during their spare time. Although I respect Ivanov’s hustle, he’s not qualified to be mentoring others about the stock market. Thousands of people watching his videos means there’s a big chance subscribers could blow up their accounts following his advice.

Ivanov’s YouTube channel has grown significantly to 37,000 subscribers in the past year due to the crypto mania. Thousands of adolescent teens hungry for advice on how to day trade risky financial instruments. I would estimate his net worth to be $50,000, if the growth of his YouTube channel continues, it won’t be long until he’s worth $250,000. Aside from trading, he’s probably making around $5,000 per month from his educational business and through affiliate programs, he promotes in videos. Stock scanners like Trade Ideas pay out hefty affiliate commissions for referring members.

Penny Stock Mastery

Despite his lack of experience and youth, Ivanov released a trading course on the Teachable platform, which costs a staggering $597 or two monthly payments of $397. From browsing through the course outline, it looks like he teaches similar video lessons to Ricky Gutierrez. Penny Stock Mastery teaches basic stock market terms, explains how to get started trading, technical analysis and two chart patterns + strategies he’s used to make consistent profits.

It’s insane how someone who’s only traded for two years is expecting people to spend that kind of money. According to his old page, Tony’s made profits of $5,759.44 out of 99 trades with a 63.64% win ratio. The guy is still learning how to trade himself, he’s even posted questions asking for help on This question was asked less than 12 months ago!

In addition to an online course, Tony runs a day trading chatroom at Within the chatroom, Ivanov shares alerts to members so they can study entry and exit points. More than likely, members join to copy his trades which won’t be successful because penny stocks and low float stocks are too volatile. The chatroom costs $37 per month but there are discounts if you purchase a quarterly or annual subscription.

There’s nothing wrong with monetizing your knowledge but charging suckers nearly $600 is crazy. In reality, the training is probably worth $20 max because 80% of the content could be found for free online. The rise in the number of 21 years old trying to teach trading online is getting out of hand. All these youngsters see teaching as an easy way to make money with very little effort. They all probably sign up for Timothy Sykes’ courses and copy his video lessons, teaching the same chart patterns, etc. Sykes makes millions every year from mentoring students but has a decade of experience and $4.7 million in verified profits.

Find a mentor with a reliable track record and has made at least $500,000 in profits. Mentors such as Steven Dux, Tim Sykes, Tim Grittani and Investors Underground are all good choices.

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