Wall Street Warriors Where are They Now?

Season 1

Guy De Chimay

Things haven’t been going too well for poor old Guy, pronounced “gee” which is an Irish slang word for vagina. The former hedge fund manager was indicted by the SEC in 2010 for running a ponzi scheme. He lured in investors by claiming he had links to the Chimay Royal Belgian Family, stealing $7 million dollars to pay for his divorce and his expensive lifestyle in the Hamptons. ($7 million is a small sum in relative to the $20 Billion ponzi scheme run by Bernie Madoff). On Wall Street Warriors he seemed like a smooth operator and was rated in the top five hedge fund managers in New York. He also spread a story that he turned $2 million in $100 million, which now we know was all a load of bullcrap.

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Alex Gerchik

Alex acted like a big shot on the show, as if he was god’s gift to Wall Street during the days when even a monkey could make money day trading. Gerchik used a simple strategy that involved buying baskets of stocks premarket when the S&P gapped down. In 2002, the strategy stopped working and apparently Gerchik was never able to consistently make money again. He used the reality show’s fame as a platform to sell trading courses and has become nothing more than a snake oil salesman. Currently, he is the president of the Gerchik & Co, a Forex brokerage company.

Sandra Navidi

On WSW she worked for Muzinich & Company, an asset management company where she schmoozed with high net worth clients. When Navidi wasn’t closing $500 million dollar deals she was playing polo in the Hampton’s. Since then she left the position and is currently the CEO of BeyondGlobal, an international strategic consultancy firm. Ten years later and Navidi is ageing well but still has the same awful hairstyle.

Timothy Sykes

Tim Sykes was arguably the most controversial character on the show and appeared in five out of the six episodes. After the show aired, Sykes closed his short-biased hedge fund after losing 35% of his fund by investing instead of trading. Tim revealed in a blog post that he was drunk during scenes and admitted parts of the show were staged. Example the scene where kicked over the fan had to be re-shot seven times! The shows popularity led to thousands of aspiring traders emailing him to ask about penny stocks. Sykes started an educational business, teaching people how to make money short selling penny stocks. His teaching business has been a resounding and sells close to $20 million worth of products each year. Take a quick peek at his Instagram account and you’ll notice he’s living the life everyone dreams of, posting photo’s of exotic holidays, stacks of cash and flashy cars to inspire students. For more information about his penny stock membership site, read this Tim Sykes review.

Bob Nunn

Former marine Bob is an AMEX specialist and all round nice guy, full of banter. Fun fact, he once threw a $3,000 PC monitor at someone. According to his LinkedIn profile he’s currently working as a Sales and Finance Specialist at Motion Kia. Seems like the type of guy I wouldn’t mind sharing a beer with.

Parker Quillen

Parker is still a hedge fund manager for Quilcap.

Jill DiLosa

By the age of 27 Jill made enough money as a hedge fund analyst to retire, probably the most uninteresting character on the show.

 Season 2 

Laetitia Vaval

It turns out Laetitia (real name Nathalie Emmanuel) was actually an actress hired from Craigslist. During the show, Laetitia was a college graduate looking to start a new career as a trader. She worked at SMB Capital for a few weeks and then joined a Forex broker as an intern. It was pretty obvious from the start she didn’t have the potential to become a successful trader due to lack of confidence. She’s only 29 years old and still hot as hell. I nearly choked on my breakfast when I spotted her on Hollyoaks and more recently on a Game of Thrones as Khaleesi’s assistant.

Brett Hickey

This young slick Canadian ran a private equity fund called Aegis Capital. During the show he was looking to invest in a Caribbean Resort and Luxury helicopter service. Aegis Capital shutdown, so I doubt Brett is driving around in a Ferrari anymore. As of on now Brett is still a keen philanthropist and is a Senior Managing Director at Star Mountain Capital. Fun fact, Brett’s lawyer emailed me so I had to remove what I previously wrote about him.

Lance Cooley + Jim Ayers

They both worked at Chicago Investment Group as stockbrokers, on WSW they were promoting SNDK to their clients, which ended up a disaster. San Disk plunged from $52 to $5.07 and since has rallied back to $97. These boiler room guys were hands down the most entertaining people in the series. Both have moved on, Lance is an Sales Representative at Liberty Mutual Insurance and Jim is Head of Sales at Lombard Street Research.

Jessica Pearson

Jessica is still a broker/president at Jcot Options. Apart from her Linkedin profile, there is virtually zero information about her on the internet.

Larry Alintoff

Larry was a commodity trader that traded orange juice futures on the floor of the New York stock exchange. WSW captured the final days of pit traders due to the move to electronic trading. At the moment Larry is CIO at The Toro Fund.

Wall Street Warriors Season 3?

Season 3 was shot in late 2008, but despite its popularity no TV station was willing to pick it up. Miraculously, some kind soul uploaded season three on YouTube. I couldn’t believe it, after years of waiting it was finally released!

Ken and Philip Brisard

Stock brokers Ken and Philip Brisard were the highlight of Season 3. These hustlers ran a small brokerage firm out of a tiny rented office. They liked to dress in flashy suits and act like big shots. In reality, the Brisard brothers had no clue what they were doing. It turns out both guys are no longer brokers because FINRA permanently banned them. They were proven guilty of selling unregistered securities to investors.

Richard Taglianetti

Known as the man with the money, Rich Taglianetti also featured in the first season. His job was to look for undiscovered hedge fund managers and introduce them to wealthy investors. He had the pleasure of meeting former playmate, Natalia Sokolova to discuss investment opportunities in Russia and later attempted to recruit her. Taglianetti is still Senior Managing Director at Corinthian Partners LLC.

Tony Battista

Battista was a floor trader on the CBOE for 22 years and is a highly regarded options trader. During the filming, he was an instructor for Thinkorswim, educating and recruiting new customers. The Italian American is now co-host of Tastytrade with Tom Sinsoff (the guy who never takes off that grey hat).

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